Miracle of Christmas



2018 March: Calcutta international cult film festival
outstanding archievement Award Award Winner

2018 May: Nice International film festival
Best Lead Actor in a foreign film Award Winner

2019 January: Crown wood international film festival
Best Debut Filmmaker

2019 February: New York Film awards :Best Indie Feature
Best First Time Director Award Winner

2019 February: Global film festival awards
Best Original screenplay Award Winner,Best Producer (Sachimoto Takubo, Eri Tsukimoto) Outstanding achievement award

2019 February: L'Age d'Or international Arthuse Film Festival
Award Winning: Best Debut Filmmaker Outstanding achievement award
Best Indie feature Honorable Mention award
Best Director Audience choice award


2018 July: Madrid International film festival
Best Director ,Best Original Screenplay, Best Lead Actor,
Best Visual Effects or Design

2018 August: Amsterdum International film festival
Best Feature Film,Best Original screenplay,Best Lead Actor,
Best Editor,Best Visual effects or design,of a foreign film

2018 December: Milan International film festival
Best Director,Best Original screenplay,Best Lead Actor,
Best Editor,of a Foreign film

2018 December:All lights india international film festival
:Best Debut Director nomination、 Official selection Twice Red Carpet Special Screening

2019 February: London International Film Festival (2nominations)
Best Sound Design, Best Costume

2019 May: Fusion South Europe international film festival
Best Foreign Feature Film,Best Lead Actor (SADA),
Best Cinematography, Best Hair make up, of a foreign film