Eri Tsukimoto : Movie director

Eri Tsukimoto : Movie director

2006.10 Graduated University of Chichester (Performing Arts with Music)
Director of movie, theater performance, musical Writing scripts
Singer song writer
Shooting , Painting , Model, etc

Brief Entertainment Career in Japan

Theater, Musical 2009 I will die for you. (Kinokuniya Southern Theater) role Takeyama
2009 Romeo and Juliet (Atelier Fountain) role Angelica
2010 Shinsengumi (Buddist hall) role Ikedaya, and Taishi
2011 Musical gA snow Clown h (Chiba cultural large hall) Lead role

Movie 2004 gMan and Womanh in NY , silent film , Main role
2009 gFighting Mother h, regular role
2012 gOff Partyh Main role, directed by Fukutarou Satou
2013 gEvil of Judgementh (DVD published) role Utokuji , directed by Masato Tsujioka
2013 Unextinguished family (narration)
2014 gAnd Love Letterh , role characteristic girl , directed by Hironori Hara
2015 Light and Blood(Hikaritochi) donate my paintings, directed by Michihito Fujii
2015 Swiss film , role researcher
2015 gTokyo Lossh , role Sachi , directed by Issei Tanaka
2015 gStory of a false worldh, role Tanaka, directed by Michihito Fujii

2015 gOrihime star mysterious thiefh Lead role

2018 "Run through rainbow bridge"

*Madrid International film festival(2018.July )
Award Winning:Best Actress in a foreign language film
*Monaco International Film Festival Angel Film Awards(2018.December)
Award Winning:Independent Spirits Award (feature film)
*Global film festival awards(2019 February)
Award Winning:Best Indie feature
*New York Film awards(2019 February)
Award Winning:Best Indie Feature
* L'Age d'Or international Arthuse Film Festival(2019 February)
Best Debut Filmmaker Outstanding achievement award
Award Winning Best Supporting Actress:Eri Tsukimoto
Award Winning Outstanding achievement award :Eri Tsukimoto

2018 "Miracle of Christmas"

*New York Film Award(2018.October ):Best First Time Director
*Los Angeles Film Award(2018.October ):Honorable mention,Indie feature film
*Calcutta international cult film festival(2019,March) :outstanding achievement award
*Global Film Festival Awards (2019,March) :Awarded Best Ensemble Cast,Best Producer,Best Screenplay

Music video "Make-nai(I won't fail)
Starring Aki Natsume

*New York Film Award(2018.October ):Honorable Mention award
*Los Angeles Film Award(2018.October ):Honorable mention,Mention award
*Crown wood international film festival:Official selection Music video,Cinematography,Editing

*Music CD, DVD

2014 CD gTRUE LOVEh (My original 2 songs contained)
2018 PV gTreasure Worldh (My original 5 songs with original video contained)

*Theater musical eVanessaf by original writing (Directing, Writing, Main role, Music, and works etc)

*Offering songs 2014 Seisyun(composed and words by Eri Tsukimoto) *Calcutta international cult film festival(2019,March) :outstanding achievement award
*Global Film Festival Awards (2019,March) :Awarded Best Ensemble Cast,Best Producer,Best Screenplay

2018 DANCING ANGEL(now editing) original musical film (directir, writer, main role, shooting, editing, music, works etc)

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